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August 21, 2011, 20:31

Here's a small follow-up on my post on increasing the number of reviews. As I stated before this has been a huge success, particulary for my Battery HD app. Here I'll share the results I got from my LED Flashlight app.

About the number of downloads

Note that the following numbers are a bit skewed because this app was updated at the same time as my Battery app which happened to reach the top rankings in Korea, Japan, UK and Germany at that moment. The cross-promotion links increased the number of downloads for the Flashlight app from about 2000 per day to between 3500 and 4000 per day. As a result the number of reviews below were effectively doubled by the doubling of daily downloads. Of course that alone cannot explain the quadrupling of daily reviews, nor the improved rating.

The results

I think they can speak for themselves. Figuratively that is. Technically it's just a table and if it starts speaking to you I would suggest lowering the daily intake of crack.

VersionRelease dateDays on AppStoreReviewsper dayAverage Stars
1.12August 20less than 2 days21 ~ 4.57
1.11August 419 days905.6 / day4.34
1.10June 379 days280.35 / day3.89
1.04April 1351 days761.35 / day3.52

I'd like to point out a few points about the evolution we see here:

  • Version 1.04 had some nasty bugs that caused equally nasty reviews. Release 1.10 fixed the bugs and enhanced the application speed. The results is that I got less reviews per day (since it didn't crash so much) and the overall rating improved.

  • Version 1.11 was the one in which I included my now famous (to me) about box. The number of reviews per day was multiplied by a factor of 4. While this factor was even bigger for my Battery app, I think these are pretty good results given the app we're talking about. I think the difference can easily be explained by the question Who the hell expresses enthusiasm for a Flashlight?

  • Version 1.12 fixed small issues in the color selector. Overall the results are similar to 1.11 but it's a bit too early to comment since it was approved only yesterday (which explains the review spike due to the update day).

As always the most notable change here is that the average rating is now between 4.3 and 4.5. That's something I couldn't have dreamt about before, and not only because it'd be pathetic to dream about app ratings.

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