Astro Feel

Ovaj sadržaj dostupan je samo na engleskom.

This free application downloads daily horoscope predictions and displays them in a beautiful interface.

You get three decans, including separate predictions for the day and the evening for all twelve classical astrology signs:

- Aries
- Taurus
- Gemini
- Cancer
- Leo
- Virgo
- Libra
- Scorpio
- Sagittarius
- Capricorn
- Aquarius
- Pisces

Rather than long and approximative text descriptions, Astro Feel simply gives you at a glance the values for each area, just as they are calculated:

- love
- money
- luck
- work
- health

In addition to that, the application also displays the word of the moment to help you learn more about yourself and your feelings on that particular day.

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