iconwrite 'We are SO dead' making a killing in Korea

May 12, 2011, 00:55

we are so dead Well it looks like Koreans -- who happen lead in the world in suicide rates -- are really in love my with dark humor application We are SO dead.

In a few days the app went from unknown to basically the top of the global chart in Korea. Amusingly it didn't do so in any other country.

Note that this is not a new app. I wrote this app in 2008 as my first test. It was a pretty unknown 0.99$ app for three years. Recently I decided to build a free version and get it translated via iCanLocalize into various languages.

I paid for all languages but apparently only one really mattered (as of today at least). Today the app made over 40k requests with over 98% of them coming from Korea.

Conclusion: it's always worth trying!

Some markets are untapped, some of them for reasons you couldn't even think of. Translating is always a good option. An app that may totally fail in huge markets could make a decent success in one particular country where it may be later used to cross-promote your other apps!

Update: Today Friday the 13th the app reached spot #2 in Korea! Yesterday it got 33'374 downloads out of which an amazing 32'772 from Korea alone.

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Which app is that in the screenshot?

March 11, 2012, 23:15 |

Which app is that in the screenshot?

March 11, 2012, 23:16 |

hi, which app do use to check your ranking? thanks - halim

March 25, 2013, 18:26 | halim

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